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Turn Off Android Auto DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES TO DISABLE ANDROID AUTO ON ANDROID SMARTPHONE Here are the different ways to cancel the automatic launch of Android Auto in your vehicle. UNINSTALL THE APP First solution which seems obvious, but which you must consider first. If you no longer use Android Auto, then you need to uninstall it. If you have a old version of android, he is very easy to uninstall Android Auto. UNINSTALL ANDROID AUTO ON AN OLDER VERSION OF ANDROID If you have a version older than version 10, then you can Manually uninstall Android Auto. Hold down the app logo on your main menu for a few seconds, and you will see the uninstall option appear. DISABLE AUTOMATIC LAUNCH BLOCK LAUNCH ON ANDROID 10 However, if you have the Android version 10, you probably know thatAndroid Auto is now part of the system applications. This means that it is not possible to uninstall the application, only to deactivate it. Here are your options: • Deactivate automatic connection via Bluetooth As soon as you get into your car, if you have activated this option, Android Auto will launch on your dashboard. To turn it off, here's how: 1. Go to settings from your smartphone 2. type Android Auto in the search bar then open the 3. In your different options, go down to Phone screen settings 4. Open the tab Automatic launch 5. Disable automatic launch as shown in this photo BLOCK LAUNCH ON OLDER VERSIONS OF ANDROID If you use a older version, you then use the Android Auto application downloaded from the Play-store. It is possible to cut the app's automatic connections, without uninstalling the app. Here's how to do it: • Open Android Auto • Open the settings menu • Tap the tab Connected vehicles • Make sure that the function Add cars to Android Auto be unchecked • At the top right, press the 3 small dots, and delete all pre-registered cars BLOCK ANDROID AUTO FROM AUTOMATICALLY LAUNCHING WHEN WIRED You don't know how to prevent Android Auto from launching when you connect your phone to your car with a USB cable. Don't panic, there are different methods: RESET OR DISABLE APP CONNECTIONS FROM YOUR DASHBOARD SETTINGS Your vehicle is configured to automatically accept the connection from Android Auto when plugged in. It is possible to deactivate this automatic connection from the settings of your vehicle. It will depend on your car and its settings, but the option should look like a tab of type: • Connection settings • Connecting peripherals • Managing external devices DISABLE ANDROID AUTO FROM YOUR PHONE SETTINGS Although Android Auto is a system application, it is still possible to deactivate its use in the settings of your phone. To do this, follow these steps: • Go to your phone settings • Open the tab Applications • Search Android Auto • Click on deactivate at the top left of your screen • If that doesn't work, and the app still launches when you connect it, there is one final tip. • USE A CHARGE-ONLY USB CABLE • You can buy a USB cable that does not have the wires data exchange, but only the power wires (also called charging cables). It exists two formats of USB cables : • Those whose data exchanges are possible • Those whose only charge is possible If you choose the one whose charging only is possible, you will only use the power supply from the DATA port. Consequently, no data will be exchanged, and so your phone will charge without Android Auto launchinge automatically.

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